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Integrating STEAM into Library I Survived Series by Lauren Tarshis

As the Library Media Specialist, I have a passion for helping teachers and students integrate technology into all subjects. STEAM integration is one area that I have focused on for the past couple of years because I value student centered, problem solving instructional methods! Below, I have included some ideas for combining new and current literature studies with STEAM education. Leave a comment and share how you and your students are learning STEAM!

STEAM and the I Survived Series by: Lauren Tarshis
Understanding by Design Lesson Goals

Since I designed this unit for third grade in the library, I introduced a book in the series and read aloud a section of one I Survived book one week, and then facilitated a STEAM activity the next week that went along with that book. The first week, I read aloud the first 4-5 chapters of I Survived the Eruption of Mount St. Helens, 1980. The next week, we did the following STEAM activity.
(Image: Scholastic)

STEAM Activity: Compare four different types (Coke, Diet Coke, Mt. Dew and Diet Mt. Dew) of Soda to see which type has the highest eruption. Compare diet and regular to see which has the highest eruption. Draw a conclusion about the results and have students discuss how the Mentos in Coke is like rocks and lava in a volcano. 

Week 3 we read aloud I Survived the Great San Francisco Earthquake 1906.
(Image: Scholastic)
Our STEAM activity during week 4 focused on Math. Students worked in a group to plan supplies to stock an Earthquake shelter for a neighborhood. The group had $100.00 and was tasked with purchasing items to serve 50 people. This is part of our Teacher Pay Teacher STEM Engineering Packet, available for purchase. It is amazing to hear to students discuss this problem. One student insisted that Soft Drinks were not a need, and another student in their team suggested they have at least one in case one of the fifty people is a diabetic! So creative! 
How are you combining STEAM and literature? 

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