Sunday, October 30, 2016

SciShow Kids You Tube Channel

Looking for short, engaging videos that kids love? Look no further! SciShow Kids Youtube Channel has fact packed videos that explain the "why" behind numerous topics that kids wonder about. These videos are the perfect attention grabbing edition to any lesson. I have provided ideas for incorporating these videos into your reading or library lessons by practicing the following ELA skills: Sequencing, Compare Contrast, Key Words, Main Idea/Details.

1. Sequencing
Pass out a diagram and have students draw pictures of each step while watching the video. Example: Water Cycle Video
2. Compare Contrast
Show a video like Frog or Toad or Butterfly or Moth. Pass out a Venn Diagram and have students record ways they are the same and different on the graphic organizer. 

3. Key Word Sort
Pass out key words about the topic you are introducing. Have students read each card. Have them try to match the key words with their definition (background knowledge) Then, play the video. During the video students can rearrange as necessary to match key words with their definition. After the video students can check their sort with another student. Example: Ocean Layers Video
4. Main Idea & Details
Pass out a graphic organizer that has the main ideas listed have students record details that support each main idea as they watch the video. Example: Animals with Winter Coats video
Credit: All images and videos are from the SciShow Kids Youtube Channel linked here

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