Sunday, December 11, 2016

One week until Christmas Break!

What are some ways you are incorporating technology into your holiday plans this week before Christmas?
Here are just a few ideas:

Have you thought of a holiday gift that you can help kids make to give their parents or grandparents?

My go to gift is using Tagxedo and having students make word clouds! The student could add words that describe the person they are gifting or they could name holiday words and traditions that are unique to their family. Tagxedo allows them to then choose a picture that the words will be collaged into.

On a blog that I read religiously, Richard Bryne has recently posted 2 ideas for creating holiday cards. Those posts can be read here and here. These are both great ideas for making a class holiday card or having students make cards for their family.

I wish I still taught math! Infographics are the perfect math discussion starter and hold so much potential for real world holiday themed lessons.
This infographic is called Christmas by the Numbers is from a collaboration between and Column Five.
This infographic is from and shows where the average person spends money during the holiday season and compares the commerce of real Christmas trees vs. Store bought trees. This one is perfect for 4th-5th graders and provides an opportunity to use 21st century problem solving skills!

Finally, there are a lot of good holiday themed timelines out there. This timeline shows how toys have changed over the last hundred years, which students will probably find fascinating!

I hope to post more frequently over the holiday break, so keep coming back! Enjoy the last week with your students!

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